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2021 Winter/ Spring Session Coming Soon

Winter / Spring 2021

Details Coming Soon

  1. Tips for getting through these times:

    • When possible, stay at home. When in public, maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from others. 

    • Clean, clean, clean. Disinfect everything you come into contact with on a daily basis. A solution of water with a few tablespoons of household bleach is great except on fabrics.

    • Exercise, whether it be in the safety of your home, in your neighborhoods or at our greenways and parks. Be sure to maintain 'SOCIAL DISTANCE". 

    • If you are sick, please SELF ISOLATE. 

    • If you are handy, build something, sew something, fix something. 

  2. Maintain your fitness through running, biking or home workouts. 

    • Running: Our members can choose to run on their own or independently with their team members. These runs can be organized by team leaders or members.  Some of our groups maintain Facebook pages which you follow.    If you need to contact your team leaders, their email addresses are posted in the Members Only tab of our web site. Reach out to me if you need to contact one of our members and I'll assist.

    • Biking is a great exercise and maintaining social distance is fairly easy.  

    • Home Workouts: Treadmills, weights, resistance are all options. The YMCA is preparing workouts via Facebook and there are lots of options on YouTube. Or dust off that Jane Fonda workout tape. Just DO SOMETHING! You'll feel better and be less stressed from looking at your 401K. 

  3. The Memorial for Maureen Bowen has been postponed along with all group gatherings as mandated by good common sense and Governor Cooper.  When things settle, our Raleigh Galloway Team with honor Maureen's and Bob Myers'  lives in a special way.

Program Details


Eric Johnson

Program Director

Phone: 919-971-8870  |  Emaileric26runner@gmail.com

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Jeff Galloway is perhaps the one individual in the American running community who can combine a superior knowledge of our sport with the highest level of achievement - making the Olympic team. - Bill Rodgers, 4-time winner of the Boston Marathon


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